Physical Education


With growing health challenges facing today’s students, the Illinois Learning Standards for Physical Development focus on health and well-being.  A healthy body increases the ability to learn.  Through a comprehensive physical health and development program, students will be able to achieve active, healthy lives that will enable them to accomplish personal goals and contribute to society.

Physical Education is a catalyst to problem solving, communication, responsible decision making, team building and character development.  Students learn how to acquire and understand basic health information, monitor fitness, analyze movement, and contribute productively as a member of a group.

It is very important for safety and participation that your student wear gym shoes and comfortable clothing to the gym.


Students are graded on their participation, effort, sportsmanship, and personal improvement.

Fitness Testing

Using various games and sports, we focus on developing a healthy lifestyle and personal fitness.  Periodic measurements will be made to determine the effect of student effort on strength, flexibility, and endurance.


Students will develop competency in motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities:

Kickball            Soccer               Games             Tumbling

Football           Climbing           Relays              Volleyball

Badminton      Softball             Fitness             Basketball

Pickleball         Jump Rope      Rhythmics      Tournaments

The year ends with a FIELD DAY full of fun and activities.

Family Fitness

Practicing new skills at home will help your student fully understand the importance of healthy behaviors.  Periodically, students will bring home healthy activities that the whole family can participate in.  These include: Healthy meal planning, shopping for nutritious food, and exercising for family fun.

“Family Fitness Nights” will be held at the school to allow students and families to participate in healthy behaviors together.  These include:  Volleyball, basketball and health screenings.

Meet Your PE Teachers

Jessica Arias
Has been teaching since 2002.  She began her career teaching PE and health at North Chicago High School, and is happy to be back in the district.  Ms. Arias has taught at all grade levels and most recently was the preschool teacher at Wildwood Park District.   She will focus on fitness as well as motor skills, communication, and social/emotional health.

She can be reached at [email protected] with any questions.

Denise DiValerio
Has taught at all grade levels and specializes in fitness and cardiovascular health.  After a career in hospitals and health centers, Ms D wishes to help young students find value in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  She uses sports and athletics to promote good character, and develop healthy attitudes.

Ms. D can be reached at [email protected] with any questions.

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