Messages from Dr. Ana Fuhrer, Principal and Ms. Ivy Evers, Assistant Principal

North Kindergarten Celebrates Dr. King

Under the guidance of teacher Stacy Thomas and the advisory of art teacher Adam Reh, Thomas’ kindergarten students conducted a week long study of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Common Core and Illinois Social Science skills included reading comprehension, high frequency vocabulary (color words) writing with recall and opinion, and recognition of feelings and perspectives of others. As a culminating project,…

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North Holiday Doors

The Teachers and students had a lot of fun decorating their classroom doors for the holidays.  The students voted for their favorites. Which ones are your favorites?

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You Really Measure Up!

Ms. T’s Kindergarten did an awesome lesson in measurement, directions, sequencing and cooking science. But don’t forget the best part… We using our senses to see, hear, touch, smell and most of all TASTE our delicious applesauce.

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Pinktastic Day!

We had a pinktastic day!  Many of us dressed in pink. One class loves pink so much… they wrapped themselves in pink!

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Orangetastic Day!

We had an orangetastic day!  Many of us dressed in orange. Classes made orange pumpkins, drank orange juice and ate oranges!  Orange you glad we had fun!

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We are so Proud

To adults who remember, it’s a timely reminder of the events that happened on September 11, 2001. However to Ms. Thomas’ kindergarten class, it’s a cool story from their Reading Street Series about cooperation, collaboration, and new creation to honor a great nation.

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D187 Mission Statement
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