North Pickleball Tournament

IMG_4439[1]The second graders held pickleball tournaments in their classes, and the winners went on to the championship. The finalists were:

Alphonso Ortiz & Jorge Atempa Torres from Ms. Sharken’s class
Rebecca Esquival & Eduardo Ayala from Ms. Betancourt and Guzman’s classes
Mariyah Garrett  & Reshiah Olloway from Ms.  Rompala’s class
Arely Popcoa Mendez  & Daniela Villegas from Ms. Guzman’s class

During all games, teamwork and sportsmanship was emphasized.
Pickleball uses a whiffle ball, small paddle and a low net.  Students take turns serving, and play to five points per game.  The second grade students displayed great North Husky qualities as they played safely and responsibly.
Second grade students and staff attended the championships. The level of respect and cheering for classmates was very impressive.
Alphonso and Jorge were the Champions and received the “Golden Paddle” award.
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