Pickleball Champions!

rsz_img_2134[1]After the Pickleball Unit,  the PE teachers held a pickleball tournament in each of their classes to determine class champions.  A Championship tournament was then held to find the North School Pickleball Champions.  All the First and second grade classes were there to cheer on their teams.  Emphasis was placed on Good Sportsmanship and teamwork.



The Class winners are:
Mobile/Weber – Jayrell and Brian
Hollander/Weber – Cynthia and Ximena
Tapia/Carrion – Carlos G. and Miguel M.
Torres/Melnik – Jonathan and Diego
A. Davis/Rompala – Elijah M. and Jaylen G.
M. Davis/Rompala – Jaylen and Dontavion
Rivera/Vasquez – Jesus and Juan
Betancourt/Brito – Jocelyn Z and Jennifer

The Pickleball Tournament Champions are:
Isabel and Dontavion from M.Davis/Rompala Class
(Jaylen was absent, so Isabel stood in for him)

Congratulations to all students who participated!

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